Tuesday, March 30, 2021

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 11, Episode 10 “DNR” (B)

This show is starting to feel a bit different as it’s nearing the end of its run. “All By Myself” playing as Deb contemplates what her life with Frannie looks like not sharing the same house as all of her family members is one such example, but at least it means the characters are getting a chance to decide what’s important to them. Ian made that decision for him and Mickey somewhat unilaterally, though I’m not sure there’s really any other way to do something when Mickey is involved. Moving to an area where one beer costs more than a six-pack on the South Side and runners are constantly shouting very clear instructions to those standing around on the sidewalk feels like a strange move, but it’s a new step. The same is true for Kev and Veronica, whose Kentucky relocation makes a lot of sense and will enable them to afford considerably more and actually do something they both want to do. Caring for Frank, who can’t remember committing any of the robberies he’s been doing lately, has fallen on Liam, who does seem well-suited for the task if not the one who should have to do it consider how very little Frank did for him. Carl taking a stand against police injustice by arresting the Mercedes-driving landlord played by Patrick Sabongui, who plays the chief of police on “The Flash,” was an interesting move, one that serves to support this show’s less than enthusiastic attempt to cover police brutality and racism in its own way.

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