Thursday, March 18, 2021

What I’m Watching: This Is Us

This Is Us: Season 5, Episode 10 “I’ve Got This” (B+)

The dinner table conversation between Toby and Kevin reminded me of a “Friends” episode that highlighted the differences in financial stability among the group, and this was a far more serious way of addressing the fact that friends and even family members often have vastly disparate income, which can get uncomfortable when spending money is made to seem trivial. Kevin continuing to insist that what was his was all of theirs didn’t help matters much, though there was a true intent on his part to share what he has with those he loves that he relayed to Kate after things quieted down a bit. I was worried that Toby was going to display overly chauvinistic tendencies in preventing Kate from doing what she wanted to do, but they seem to have reached a good place. It was nice to see Rebecca step in to manage the finances after Jack took a bold risk that ended up costing them a lot of money, and to see her thanked for that decades later by Kate in a way only this show could make possible. I know many who can relate to Carol overstaying her welcome at the Pearson home, but of course being there meant more to her in a good way than it did to the rest of them in a bad way, and it was good to see that moment of connection between Beth and Carol. Malik coming to Randall for advice about what to do with his ex wanting to come back into his daughter’s life was almost as great as Randall going through her Instagram with Déjà to make fun of her.

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