Thursday, March 4, 2021

What I’m Watching: Resident Alien

Resident Alien: Season 1, Episode 6 “Sexy Beast” (B+)

We got some great new cast additions in this episode. Linda Hamilton is of course one of the most recognizable faces in science fiction thanks to her iconic role in “The Terminator” and its superior sequel “Terminator 2: Judgment Day,” and it’s fun to see her in a more villainous role where she gets to intimidate subordinates and give orders. The relationship between David and Lisa now makes much more sense, and it’s clear that David hasn’t been fully read into what’s going on while Lisa doesn’t care about much other than achieving her mission. The other new cast member is Michael Cassidy from “People of Earth” as Ethan, the new doctor whose mastery of French and general charming nature got Harry very bothered and claiming that he had already fixed the coffeemaker when he was most definitely not capable of doing that. Covering his tracks out of jealousy isn’t going well for anyone, as he was ready to get Max out of having to be shipped off to boarding school but then reversed course on having misdiagnosed him to preserve his pride. I did enjoy him being encouraged to joust at the bar, but Harry effortlessly dislocating Ethan’s shoulder when they arm-wrestled only made the new doctor more likeable. Darcy was certainly charmed, but she was not into the fancy breakfast Ethan prepared for her in the morning. I’m glad that Mike was impressed with Liv’s secret murder board, though that does mean that Jay is their prime suspect. I enjoyed seeing a few characters together at the bowling league and Asta’s confrontation of Jimmy. Harry is hardly operating as well, being caught on the glacier by Darcy and now apparently cornered by the military agents hunting him. Things can’t end so early, but I am curious to see how he worms his way out of this situation.

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