Saturday, March 27, 2021

What I’m Watching: Generation

Generation: Season 1, Episode 7 “Desert Island” (B+)

This was an episode of harsh truths, ones that hit its characters hard and are going to be hard to walk back. The brief scenes of a mall bathroom birth haven’t been all that informative since we’ve only seen a few of the characters, and it’s definitely possible that one or multiple of them won’t be in the same state of mind at that point (or alive at all, though I really hope that’s not the case). Rather than tell any of his friends, Chester opted to profess his affection directly to Sam, who was rightfully horrified when he was clued in to the fact that Chester was the one who had been messaging him, and it’s good that Sam coldly shut down the desert island question, even though Chester took it very badly. Similarly, a game of truth-and-dare was enough for Arianna to realize how Nathan felt about Chester, and now Arianna is almost certainly going to be aligning herself with the other sibling again. Greta and Riley getting roomed together seemed like the perfect opportunity for romance, but the speed at which Riley moved rubbed Greta the wrong way, and her response had an even more detrimental effect on Riley, who went ahead and did exactly what Greta had called her out for with someone else. While it was much less serious than anything else that happened in this episode, the sight of someone gratuitously licking a toilet bowl was very off-putting, especially during a pandemic and since that scene actually had to be filmed.

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