Tuesday, March 16, 2021

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 11, Episode 8 “Cancelled” (B+)

It felt a bit strange to see the entire family gathered in a hospital room at the end of the episode waiting to hear news of how Frank is doing since he’s never exhibited the same care for the wellbeing of any of them, but I suppose he hit a new low when he stripped down in front of the man he thought was a bully from his childhood. Lip telling him that they were there because of his alcoholic dementia sounded angry since he was clearly blaming Frank for his fate but also acknowledging that they would have to, in some way, take care of him now that he’s actually not capable of taking care of himself. Things could turn out like they did for Terry, when he scared off his first two non-white nurses and then found himself asphyxiated by a no-nonsense nun who believed he was evil. Mickey appeared to be very sentimental towards his father, something Ian couldn’t quite understand. After Lip held up well under questioning at the police station, Tami saved the day by moving the bikes, but she did seem to get a bit too into the criminal lifestyle and express eagerness to “get rid of” Brad. Kev planning a surprise wedding for Veronica was sweet if somewhat random – I guess I forgot about that storyline, whenever it was. Debs went all-out in self-destructive behavior, and her unwillingness to even talk to Sandy when she was there waiting on her doorstep was rather harsh. Carl just can’t seem to find an honest cop who actually does policework, and he was clever enough to use his connections to help Lip and to crash a fancy car into a parked car right outside the Alibi to save his friends from getting shut down. Frank may not be a role model for anyone, but the idea that no one’s name was good enough for the school does border on absurd.

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