Wednesday, March 3, 2021

What I’m Watching: Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer: Season 2, Episode 6 “Many Miles from Snowpiercer” (B-)

This episode wasn’t all that enthralling since it seems painfully obvious that Melanie isn’t going to die, and if she was, it would happen in a far more public and purposeful way than her freezing to death all alone. Anytime there’s an hour of television that takes place at an isolated station in a remote icy area, I always think of the terrific “The X-Files” episode “Ice,” but this show has never been anywhere near as clever or imaginative as that classic series. I was excited when I saw a flashback to civilization because, for all the stories we’ve heard about this dystopia, we haven’t actually seen what things were like before and during the transition to a lengthy train as the only place where any living being could survive. The limited information we did get was that Wilford was an uncaring tyrant, which isn’t too surprising, and that he was more concerned with building a brothel on his ark than letting extra bodies onto his train, executing them in cold blood instead. He shouldn’t have been all that shocked that Melanie and Ben decided to leave him behind, though he evidently also had a backup plan in the form of Big Alice that he was able to get up and running quickly enough not to have everyone left there freeze to death. Melanie hallucinating the most influential people in her life giving her pep talks and taunting her was a moderately effective device for this hour, which ended in a way that made it unclear whether she was imagining Snowpiercer leaving her behind or if they’re actually on the way to get her.

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