Tuesday, March 30, 2021

What I’m Watching: Snowpiercer

Snowpiercer: Season 2, Episode 9 “The Show Must Go On” (B-)

This is the first half of the two-part season finale, but I’m watching the episode separately and considering them on their own. I hadn’t realized when things went all haywire in the previous hour that there were only two episodes left in the season, and therefore things are going to have to move quickly in order to get to whatever resolution or, more likely, cliffhanger is planned before it goes on hiatus. Andre being forced to work doing the compost for the train was a rather unpleasant punishment, though he handled it better than Ruth did when she was shipped off to join him because she refused to announce to the train that they wouldn’t be going back for Melanie. I’m not sure if Wilford is meant to be a parallel for Trump but there are many obvious comparisons, namely the support he has from the common people when he indulges in absurd luxuries like a carnival on the train and caviar with fancy plate settings for a private dinner. This is a prime example of hoarding of resources, and he’s intent on being the richest man left alive at the end of the world. I’m not sure what Javi, who apparently has to ask for bathroom breaks, passing a message about Melanie being out there to Ruth and Andre, who have no communication with the outside world, is meant to do since Wilford can just as easily not go rescue her even if she is alive. Alex would have been the likely candidate to lead an uprising, but she’s in the brig, so it’s going to be left to Bess, who will have to recover from watching the brutal punishment Wilford meted out on the men he hired to pull everyone together to lead yet another revolt.

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