Monday, March 1, 2021

What I’m Watching: WandaVision

WandaVision: Season 1, Episode 8 “Previously On” (B+)

This episode was unusually direct, showing us exactly what happened to get us to this point even if it was clouded somewhat by Wanda’s refusal to accept it. The opening scene established Agatha as a tremendously powerful witch, capable of destroying all her sisters in 1695 Salem when they tried to kill her because of her alleged betrayal. She went from simply having fun, commenting on Wanda’s inconsistent accent and calling Fake Pietro Fietro, to seeming truly angry and threatening, first with Wanda after she tried to use her magic and then when she was holding her sons hostage. I’m not sure exactly what naming her Scarlet Witch is supposed to indicate (I’ll read deeper once the finale airs so I don’t risk getting anything spoiled), but it was almost as ominous an ending as the post-credits scene that showed an apparently redesigned Vision coming back online outside of Westview. Agatha taking Wanda through a tour of her real memories was very helpful, starting with her love for sitcoms becoming so apparent through the moments she shared with her parents and brother as a way of learning English. That doesn’t explain everything about how she was able to manifest this entire created reality just by willing it, but it was informative enough and shows her true power that she isn’t entirely able to control. Director Hayward is much more responsible for this than previously indicated, and I don’t know what happens if this new Vision goes into Westview and meets the Vision we know, but I’m definitely eager to see that in what may be well the series finale this Friday according to recent reports.

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