Saturday, March 13, 2021

Take Three: Generation

Generation: Season 1, Episode 3 “Toasted” (B+)

We got some more clarity on who it is having the baby in the mall bathroom, though even Delilah doesn’t seem to know all that much about how it happened. We saw an earlier moment between Arianna and Delilah on the boat that explains a bit of their relationship, but otherwise we’ll have to settle for shots of Arianna shouting about reparations while she’s taking a stack of cups and running through the mall with an inflatable tub from Target. The most magnetic and watchable moments of this episode featured Naomi and Nathan, who weren’t being particularly subtle about their penis-inspired rift and chose to resolve it during their toasts at an occasion meant to celebrate their other sibling as she was getting married. Nathan hearing from Arianna that he doesn’t “give off gay vibes” was enough to push him to confront Naomi in a very public forum after she alluded to qualities she would appreciate in a loyal sibling, outing himself as bisexual to everyone gathered there in the process. Jumping into the water and being saved by Chester was a positive and dramatic ending, at least. Martha Plimpton’s mom is quite a character, and I enjoyed the brief appearance of Sam Trammell from “True Blood” as their father who has evidently fed into their complicated family dynamic. Greta and Riley’s romance seems to be developing relatively well, even if Riley doesn’t seem aware of the emotional impact her hooking up with Pablo had on Greta. Chester’s pep talk was helpful, even if he got a little off-course in the process.

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