Monday, January 3, 2011

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Actress in a TV Series - Drama

The competition: Julianna Margulies’ hard-working lawyer and mother (The Good Wife), Elisabeth Moss’ copywriter ahead of her time (Mad Men), Piper Perabo’s young spy (Covert Affairs), Katey Sagal’s fearsome biker club matriarch (Sons of Anarchy), and Kyra Sedgwick’s deputy police chief (The Closer).

For your information: Unlike the Emmys, the Globes don’t like to reward the same person more than once. Only one actress (Edie Falco) has won in this category more than once in the past twenty years. That means that last year’s winner Margulies and 2006 winner Sedgwick are probably out of the race. That leaves three first-time nominees. Sagal has a potential leg up, with four past nominations in the 1990s for “Married with Children.” This is the first Globe nomination for both Moss and Perabo.

Who should win: Sagal or Moss, though Margulies and Sedgwick are great as well.

Who will win: Maybe it’s crazy of me to say so, but I’m sticking with Perabo.

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Greg Boyd said...

Then allow me to be the first to call you crazy. This one's Moss, since TV awards tend to love all things "Mad Men" (not that it doesn't deserve it).