Monday, January 24, 2011

What I’m Watching: Modern Family

Modern Family: Season 2, Episode 13 “Caught in the Act” (B+)

Of all the typical family dynamic issues this show explores, this is certainly one of the funniest. Watching Phil and Claire deal with the embarrassment of the situation is almost as enjoyable as watching their kids try to cope with being emotionally scarred by walking in on their parents. While that was all certainly entertaining, this episode set itself apart from most other shows in typical fashion by emphasizing drama, having the kids realize that it’s better that their parents have sex than fight or get divorced, and then bringing it all back to comedy. Seeing them all smile and nod was fun, punctuated by Haley’s overreaction to the sight of her parents making out and the hilarious finish with the very loud lock that the kids got their parents as an anniversary gift. Gloria’s e-mail flub wasn’t entirely fantastic, but it was still fun to have her come over to the house and get very confused, all the while getting Phil very excited and overwhelmed. It makes perfect sense that Cameron and Mitchell would think to bring Lily to a playdate in order to get in with the owner of a major restaurant so that they wouldn’t have to wait for a table. Of course it went bad, and it was great to follow up the revelation of their near-fatal lie with a shot of them at a takeout place being told that they were out of napkins and would have to use paper towels from the bathroom instead (but remembering Mitchell’s name!).

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Greg Boyd said...

I laughed at this one pretty much constantly. I think it was the best since last season's "Hawaii". The Dunphy parents and kids were both hysterical, and I thought the other two storylines were also pretty funny given their limited screen time.