Tuesday, January 25, 2011

What I’m Watching: Royal Pains (Winter Premiere)

Royal Pains: Season 2, Episode 13 “Mulligan” (B+)

I’m very happy to welcome this formerly summer-only show to the winter, even if its characters don’t seem to have to experience the cold weather that does inevitably hit the Hamptons in the less warm months of the year. It’s strange not to have it paired with “Burn Notice,” and just like “Psych” did after being split from the departed “Monk,” it fares just fine on its own. I’m pleased that all of the business with Eddie didn’t take up too much of the episode, aside from a peculiarly dramatic opening dream scene that was reminiscent of the end of the magnificent “Six Feet Under” final season episode “Ecotone.” Ultimately, Eddie’s actions led more to fun comedy, with Evan trying to run away from Boris’ car and then walking towards him with exceptionally loud golf shoes. It was also entertaining to see Jill get hopped up on medication and then hit on Hank in front of Jack. Never one to be excessively concerned with interpersonal skills, Divya just covers her mouth and then has to ask Jill to stop licking her hand. Jill has always been a less serious character, but it gives the show an air of fun, and of course it did lead to a good serious ending with Jill apologizing and Hank saying that he kind of liked it. This was a great episode for guest stars, including David Costabile (“Breaking Bad”), who sadly had only like two lines, and Tom Cavanagh (“Scrubs”) and Matt Servitto (“The Sopranos,” “Brotherhood”) playing their typical yet terrific roles as a fast-talking likeable everyman and a federal official, respectively.

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