Monday, January 31, 2011

What I’m Watching: Nikita

Nikita: Season 1, Episode 12 “Free” (C)

After a decent episode that feels like it aired years ago (actually only about six weeks ago), this show seems determined to get back to its old ways again and fail to live up to its potential. I’m keeping an eye out for more enjoyable preposterous action like Nikita’s superhuman feat of ripping her own chains out of the ceiling like the Hulk from last episode, but sadly, there’s nothing of the sort to be found in this episode, unless you count Michael’s entirely unnecessary and appallingly showy decision to kick down the door that was housing Birkhoff. You’d think that a government facility would have some more reinforced doors, wouldn’t you? I like the idea of Ryan Fletcher (an actual good character) trying to investigate Division and bring them down the legal way, but this execution just isn’t cutting it. Nikita is coming way too close to him and interacting with him in public constantly, and somehow, he’s still alive. Additionally, it strikes me as puzzling that Amanda takes such an active interest in Alex’s romantic life yet fails to notice that she’s been spending a great deal of time at random locations meeting with Nikita. Not having Alex physically in Division anymore might create a bit of a problem since it means that Michael and Percy will likely have to appear in each episode coming face-to-face with Nikita, which will be more than a bit forced. Maybe having her out in the field will be a plus, though, since it should ensure more action and far less Jaden.

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