Sunday, January 30, 2011

What Drew's Watching: Bones (Double Review)

Bones: Season 6, Episode 10 "The Body in the Bag"

So we've been back for two weeks from the way-too-long Bones hiatus, and now we're finally back from my way-too-long hiatus from doing Bones reviews. The intro to this one is truly barf-worthy, but at least it's not in an Angela-Hodgins way (that comes later). There's lots of drain-unclogging in this episode...I feel the need to warn you about this because it's particularly nauseating to me. It's fun to watch Booth walk into a Chinese apothecary, which reminds me of long ago, when Angel walked into such a place (with wildly different results!). Of course, I have to wince at Bones's Chinese -- not because I have any ability whatsoever to speak Chinese, but according to my friend Peiharn, Americans typically are utterly unequal to the task. I do not like the new Clark, but I can understand how his old personality was getting trite. The mystery is fun -- I enjoy it when they mistakenly ID the body at first -- but I got the killer immediately. (I'm very proud of myself! Can you tell?) Anyway, this episode is mediocre, with too much interpersonal stuff and not enough murder-solving stuff. It's probably bad that my favorite part was the way the creepy guy ogles Bones and Hannah at the end. Bahaha!

Plot: 8/10
Action: 0/10
Characters: 3/10
Comedy: 4/10
Bones's Makeup: 4/10

Overall Grade: C

Bones: Season 6, Episode 11 "The Bullet in the Brain"

Holy shit. I guess I should have expected what happens in the intro, but I'm pretty oblivious when it comes to such things. I'll tell you though, that this is a nice infusion of action, which has been in short supply on this show lately. My favorite line comes from Caroline: "I'm too short to see a damn thing." I think it's weird that Angela calls her husband "Hodgins." One of the annoying things about Gravedigger episodes is the preponderance of the phrase "buried alive." It would make for a fun drinking game, but unfortunately, I'm watching this alone. The scene between Caroline and Sweets is overdone; in fact, the whole "Sweets is traumatized" thing is overdone. Now, I was all ready to write a very positive conclusion for this episode, but the sad fact is that it kind of peters out after the first half. The ending could have been wrapped up more tightly, and Bones acting like a giggling girl with her father comes off stilted. Oh well. Consolation prize: I appreciate anything about Booth's sniper past, and I can reasonably hope from this episode that we'll get to learn more about that next week.

Plot: 6/10
Action: 10/10
Characters: 4/10
Comedy: 1/10
Bones's Makeup: 6/10

Overall Grade: B

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