Thursday, January 6, 2011

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 2, Episode 11 “Damage Control” (B+)

If ever there was an episode that really tried to capture the challenges of parenting in one go, here we have it. One set of parents has to deal with their daughter dating a boyfriend they don’t approve of for one reason or another, one couple has to teach their daughter about the circle of life, one mother has to talk to her children about their alcoholic dad, and one father needs to try to become more of a disciplinarian. Multiple plotlines are balanced and handled well, making this an exemplary episode of the show and certainly one of the best of the second season so far. I was most interested to see Crosby try and leave behind his relaxed, good guy personality and punish Jabar for refusing to clean his room by cancelling their trip to the zoo. Crosby is a usually comic character whose dramatic moments are among the most striking and compelling on this show, and this instance is no different. Alex’s visit to the Braverman home proved entertaining, and it was especially tough later on to see Adam and Kristina come to a conclusion about him despite being quite impressed with him. Haddie’s rebellion is inevitable, and it seems that Alex is a decent enough person that she won’t be too hurt when it all falls apart. On a lighter note, of course, it was fun to see Sarah and Julia trying to recapture some of their youth with a night on the town that turned into a night in being out-drunk by their father.

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