Thursday, January 20, 2011

Round Two: The Cape

The Cape: Season 1, Episode 3 “Kozmo” (C-)

I should start with something positive since I have mostly negative things to say. The transition from the opening scene to the main title was absolutely terrific, and I must say that I’m a fan of the show’s opening credits and accompanying title music. Unfortunately, that has little to do with the content of the show itself, which quickly becomes problematic when the characters start talking and the inane events start happening. As I presume many others were, I was treated to the same promo being shown for this show during the commercial breaks during the Golden Globes on Sunday night where Vince says “it is as long as I’m wearing the cape.” Perhaps this show is meant to be insanely corny, but it’s succeeding a bit too well in that area. It’s equally disappointing when the rest of the episode just doesn’t deliver at all. The incorporation of the circus into the greater Ark storyline doesn’t track well at all, and it’s way, way too early to bring in someone like Gregor. Vince has barely had a chance to establish himself as a character yet, and to have someone else try to repossess the cape as their own in only the second week of the show’s existence is a poor plan. This was also a monumental waste of Thomas Kretschmann from “24” and “The Pianist.” I’m happy to see Summer Glau’s Orwell featured more prominently, but let’s give her something better to do than just explore circus life and serve as Vince’s go-to gal.

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