Sunday, January 30, 2011

SAG Awards: Quick Rundown

There really isn't all that much to say about the TV part of the SAG Awards other than that they're somewhat puzzling. Voters demonstrate that they're clearly watching new programming, honoring (somewhat untraditionally) a freshman drama in two categories ("Boardwalk Empire"), a hot, deserving comedy ensemble ("Modern Family"), and an 89-year-old veteran on another new series (Betty White). Yet somehow they find it necessary to give Alec Baldwin a fifth consecutive trophy, meaning that no one else has ever beat him since he's won every single year since the show started. It just doesn't make much sense, and while repeat winner Julianna Margulies has only improved on "The Good Wife," Baldwin's performance isn't necessarily getting any better. It's never a good idea to bet against Al Pacino or Claire Danes, also, apparently. I tragically got a mere 2/8 correct, predicting only Betty White and "Modern Family." Ah, well, the film side was somewhat more interesting. For other film-related news, check out the 4th Annual AFT Film Awards, beginning this Tuesday on Movies With Abe.


Richter Scale said...

Yeah, that fifth award for Alec Baldwin made me really mad too. Especially becaus of the clips we got for the category and watching Ty Burrell cry, with his daughters in the back, or Ed O'Neill with his classic Vietnam line, or even Steve Carrellspanking that kid. I love Baldwin in 30 Rock, but five consecutive awards? Enough is enough!!! I'm at least happy that the cast of Modern Family finally have a SAG Award.

Movies with Abe said...

I'm certainly happy about "Modern Family" winning ensemble. It's just such a shame that a performer should win so many times when others are so clearly deserving. "Mad Men," "30 Rock," and even Baldwin stopped winning Emmys to make room for new players, so why does he keep winning SAGs?