Sunday, January 23, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Good Wife

The Good Wife: Season 2, Episode 11 “Two Courts” (B+)

This is an hour filled with plenty of twists and many monumental plot points, all of which are quite dynamic and compelling. I really enjoyed the parallel scenes with both Kalinda and Cary demanding that their salaries be raised above their in-house mortal enemies (Blake and Alicia) in order to remain and return, respectively, to the new law firm that it appears will now be led by Diane and Will. I think it’s terrific and so amusing how Alicia reacts to all of Kalinda’s subtle comments about her rivalry with Blake, and it was also nice to see Will swiftly come to Kalinda’s defense after Bond’s behind-the-scenes changes and investigations. I’m excited to see Diane and Will exact their secretive plan of secession from the firm, and their somewhat awkward conversations in the restaurant were absolutely superb. The case this week was top-notch as well, and it was fun to see Will try to antagonize the judge (guest star David Oyelowo) after he fouled him in a basketball game. Alicia did a great job of following his lead and casually throwing in basketball expressions to get the judge upset. The facial expressions jury consultant was an amusing, and intriguing guest star, who it took me a while to recognize as Norbert Leo Butz, considerably more subdued than in his last legal effort, where he played the aptly-named Rowdy on “The Deep End.” An important lesson learned in this episode: do not mess with Eli Gold. He’ll rip your phone cord right out of the wall. Additionally kudos to Alicia for smartly handing a case of misunderstood situations by coming out and asking Will if they were discussing the same thing rather than just assuming and blurting out something better left unsaid.

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