Saturday, January 22, 2011

What I’m Watching: White Collar (Winter Premiere)

White Collar: Season 2, Episode 10 “Burke’s Seven” (B+)

It makes me so happy that USA chooses to split up its seasons and give its shows a much-deserved chance to return for a few episodes at the beginning of the calendar year, even if it does make for some very busy weeknights (currently six shows on Tuesday nights, and that doesn’t count “Glee” and “Justified,” both of which return in just a few weeks). I’m particularly happy to have this show back because, true to its network’s slogan, it has some truly fantastic characters. Memo to the creative people behind this show: I would most definitely watch a sequel series titled “Burke’s Seven,” and I loved how the first thing Neal said to Peter following their successful sting operation was that there was a seven-man con he’d been wanting to run for a while now. It was fun to have Elizabeth take an active role in their operation, and also in tending to the very particular, very paranoid Mozzie as he recovered (as Invisible Man) from his gunshot wound. I was pleased to see Hilarie Burton back as Sarah, and I think that she and Matthew Bomer have terrific chemistry. I’m thrilled that she volunteered her vacation time to go to Argentina and help Peter follow up on the mystery since that means she should be sticking around longer. It’s nice that this entire team gets along so well and manages to operate and function even when they’re not really actually supposed to be working together. As always, this show is a delight.

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