Sunday, January 16, 2011

What I’m Watching: Human Target

Human Target: Season 2, Episodes 9 & 10 “Imbroglio” & “Cool Hand Guerrero” (B)

If you, like me, tried to tune in to your favorite action series currently on television on Wednesday night, you found it entirely pre-empted for the Tucson memorial (very understandable) bracketed repeats of “Raising Hope” and “Kitchen Nightmares” (couldn’t we at least have had a repeat of this show?). Twitter was abuzz with frustrated people demanding to have their two-hour episode aired, and fortunately it only took two extra days. Unfortunately, the episodes aren’t quite up to par, matching up with last week’s installments that are a lot of fun but seem to be losing a bit (just a bit) of the indisputable awesomeness that the show had in its first season and early season two episodes. This becomes especially important given that we’re looking at only three more encounters with this show, and it’s quite possible that, despite that Twitter love on Wednesday night, the show won’t be renewed for a third season. I’m continually puzzled as to why Ames only seems to appear every other episode on this show, since her presence would have come in incredibly handy when Winston was operating solo on the outside of the gala holdup. Guerrero being spotlighted in both hours was terrific, and I also enjoyed how Ilsa suddenly switches roles when her sister-in-law becomes the resident doubter and how she managed to save Chance despite his considerable lack of gratitude. For fans desperately wishing to see more of this show, beware some schedule changes: the next episode airs on Monday, January 31st at 8pm, following by one installment apiece on Wednesday, February 2nd & 9th at 9pm.

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