Tuesday, January 4, 2011

What I’m Watching: The Closer (Season Finale)

The Closer: Season 6, Episode 15 “An Ugly Game” (B+)

I’ll admit to having been considerably confused at first with this episode when all we saw were cops on horseback, and I guess too much of “The Walking Dead” had me thinking we had done some kind of futuristic time warp and that this was what Major Crimes might look like in a few decades. That was just me letting my imagination run wild, however, forgetting what it was that I was watching, and therefore it was a relief to see that the gang hasn’t gotten extinct and is in available for one last case before seasonal hiatus strikes. It was interesting to see people get angry in this episode, particularly Gabriel when it came to the lying drug addict and Pope when he was chewing out Taylor for acting like he didn’t matter. Brenda was considerably calmer, even when she was confronted with the harsh reality of Fritz’s past as a drug addict, which added an important depth to their relationship that hasn’t been much seen recently. It feels like this show has only just returned from being off the air for a few months, and that’s because it’s true. It’s nice to have a small sampling of five episodes in between the bigger chunks of the seasons, and since this show is soon ending, I’ll take all I can get of it. Knowing that we’re headed to the end means that the future of characters like Pope, and Brenda for that matter, isn’t as set in stone since the show could leave off on any note. I’m excited, and I look forward to seeing this show again for the last time this summer.

Season grade: B+
Season MVP: Kyra Sedgwick

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