Monday, January 3, 2011

What I’m Watching: Desperate Housewives

Desperate Housewives: Season 7, Episode 11 “Assassins” (C)

Why does the interesting (or, more appropriately for this show, juicy) stuff always get relegated to only the beginning and end of the episode? Discovering that Felicia’s contact on the block, besides her daughter, is Mike is a pretty huge deal, yet it’s something that’s barely addressed. It would also have been considerably cooler if Mike’s presence in the continental United States couldn’t be explained away by his wife’s injury, which feels like an unnecessary plot twist given the fact that it was an event episode that did it to her. I’m beyond sick of Gaby’s Grace obsession and her selfishness, and buying herself a doll that looks like her birth daughter just turned the corner of creepy. Lynette torturing Tom and Renee whimpering apologetically results in a waste of three characters, so that’s certainly lamentable. I’m torn on the reappearance of Orson since he seems like a trump card to be toted in whenever there’s no other plots left to explore. Just as soon as Keith’s father is out of the way, there’s another obstacle ready to emerge, one which sort of addresses the same disconnect in their relationship: age. Decorum is another big part of it, and that’s probably the strongest element on display in this episode, brought out by Orson’s high culture and elegant dressing as compared with Keith’s wife-beater, but also expressed by Bree at the start of the episode when she discussed drinking out of the bottle and such. As soon as he appeared, of course, he’s gone again, but it’s probably for the best considering how terribly the character was ruined, even if Kyle MacLachlan is a nice guy.

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