Friday, January 14, 2011

What I’m Watching: Parenthood

Parenthood: Season 2, Episode 12 “Meet the New Boss” (B+)

As the most continuously serious character on this show, it’s no surprise that Adam should be the one to have to contend with a boss who’s clearly immature yet poses an immense threat to his own livelihood. Seeing Adam march his boss into his office to demand that he start taking his new position seriously was one thing, but then to have the new guy less than subtly imply that he needs to get on board was a pretty intense and unexpected follow-up. Adam’s ensuing job search proved predictably depressing (see “The Company Men” for more on that theme), and it’s a shame to see him in such an unfortunate situation giving all of the hard work he puts in to his job. This wasn’t an easy week for mothers, as Sarah had to keep her motherly advice to herself and Kristina had to try to suck up to her daughter so she wouldn’t be angry at her. Alex does seem to be a good guy, and it’s going to be even more painful for everyone involved when Kristina and Adam realize that there is no Chloe and that their daughter has been defying them. It was nice to see everyone’s favorite punching bag Joel get a chance to take some deserved revenge on Crosby for ousting him by making him go through an apologetic speech after he had already decided that he’d be happy to come back and help him out with the play. Both bizarre and entertaining: Zeek in sunglasses at Amber’s show.

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