Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Golden Globe Winner Predictions: Best Actress in a TV Series – Comedy/Musical

The competition: Toni Collette’s multiple-personality disorder-afflicted mother (The United States of Tara), Edie Falco’s pill-popping nurse (Nurse Jackie), Tina Fey’s nerdy TV writer (30 Rock), Laura Linney’s cancer-stricken mother (The Big C), and Lea Michele’s selfish soloist (Glee).

For your information: All but Linney were on this list last year. Linney, whose show started this year, won a TV trophy in 2008 for “John Adams.” Collette won last year and Fey won the two years before that. Michele’s placement in this category is puzzling due to her role having generally been reduced in the back half of season one and start of season two. All five of these women have their shows nominated for Best Comedy Series.

Who should win: Linney or Fey

Who will win: Globe voters love new shows, and they’re going to love Linney.

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