Friday, December 20, 2019

Round Two: Work in Progress

Work in Progress: Season 1, Episode 2 “176, 172, 171” (B+)

This was a great second outing, one that demonstrated that this show, which really surprised me in its pilot airing, is absolutely worth watching. Abby going to her therapist’s funeral was a melancholy event, and I enjoyed that she essentially had a session with her, which may have been helpful but definitely got the other people there upset that she was hogging time with the deceased. Her trip to Weight Watchers, or whatever that was supposed to be, was far less affirming, particularly with the unsubtle confirmation that she had gained seventeen pounds since she last weighed in. Fortunately, the development of her relationship with Chris is much more inspiring, and they had a cute exchange when she woke up first and checked her breath. It was endearing that she helped him into his Uber before he left, and things seemed to be going pretty well. Going to the club together should have been a positive occurrence, and it was actually quite informative to see Abby experience it both in the moment and in reference to when she visited that same club years earlier and met someone else. Talking about how they shouldn’t be discussing his dead name made things somewhat more comfortable, and their age and culture difference shouldn’t prove too problematic given his good nature and eagerness for them to share something good. I’m definitely sticking around for episode three, and I’m curious to find out what’s going on in Abby’s literal closet, remnants of her past that are likely to be very informative about how she’s reached this point.

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