Thursday, December 12, 2019

What I’m Watching: God Friended Me

God Friended Me: Season 2, Episode 10 “High Anxiety” (B-)

It’s easy to tell at a certain point in an episode like this that the show is going on hiatus for a bit, and therefore some major drama needs to unfold so that viewers will be glued to the screen and eagerly anticipating its eventual return. The drama is certainly upped when the show is signing off for a few weeks, and a father who was going to end his own life so that his daughter could keep living hers was definitely that. Rakesh is waiting to complete his grand gesture before reaching out to Jaya, but Miles isn’t quite as skilled at holding out, contacting Cara multiple times this episode rather than give her space. He was making fun of Rakesh for being obsessed with food as a coping mechanism, but he could learn from it since he pretty much gave Cara no choice but to walk away. They weren’t a couple for so long, and so it might not change things all that much, and Joy just happened to show up right after Cara pulled out with some apparent bombshell news about a connection between all of the friend suggestions. I like that Miles was struck by the idea of trying to figure out who’s behind the God account as a way to win Cara back, but what exactly has he been up to until now? I was concerned that Arthur was going to miss Trish’s performance – hasn’t he ever seen “La La Land”? – but the way that he ultimately decided to show up only after agreeing to a meeting so that he then had to leave them all hanging wasn’t too bright. I think I’ll probably continue watching this show when it comes back in January, but I’m seriously doubting my investment.

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