Tuesday, December 24, 2019

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 10, Episode 7 “Citizen Carl” (B+)

It’s very possible that Carl has become my favorite character this season, though high-stressed sports agent Liam is definitely a runner-up. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen when Carl met Esther at the bus stop, and his desire to do something positive for the residents of the South Side was unquestionably among the nobler things he’s ever done. Having Kelly choose a wealthy friend to bring attention to the story was a smart idea, and I’m eager to see what he’ll do next. I’d say that the most shameless behavior in this episode was actually led by Veronica, who’s not usually as deplorable as the rest of the characters, as she went into an AA meeting with her hapless husband to go on and on about how great the drinks were at the Alibi so that they could replenish their customer base with a loyal group of hard drinkers. I was excited to see two new characters played by familiar faces, though I think that Constance Zimmer, of “Entourage” and “UnREAL,” likely won’t be back, even if she was incredibly memorable as the woman who saved Debs from going upstairs with an old man and then paid her, thinking she was a prostitute. Elizabeth Rodriguez from “Orange is the New Black” made an incredible impression as Faye, who seemed far too into Frank until the big reveal came that she lives luxuriously in her car. I think they’ll be wonderful for each other. After some plumbing problems, Lip and Tami seem to be on the right track again, which is good, and I like that Ian is the one who suggested to a now very motivated Mickey that they need to figure out how to kill Paula.

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