Friday, December 13, 2019

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 10, Episode 5 “Sparky” (B+)

I’ll start by addressing this episode’s most risqué storyline, one that will hopefully be contained to this hour. Naturally, Kev would be offended rather than relieved to find out that his coach molested every one of his teammates and not him, and I’d say that his visit to the prison at the end of the episode where he was rather insincere should be considered a victory that will hopefully let this all be completely forgotten. I’m much more okay with the notion of Frank seeing nothing other than money when Randy showed up with the two babies that Frank then revealed were actually Carl’s, and that he charged his son with determining which of the babies was best so that he could promptly try to sell it to a couple eager to adopt. Tami was having a tough time adjusting to motherhood, and Lip sending help was sure to infuriate her even if it did give her some much-needed affirmation. It’s good that Carl isn’t going to get in trouble for wanting to sleep with Anne since Kelly already managed to get an STD from someone, and them having an open relationship is probably the best thing for everyone. I love that Liam is playing hardball and making the most of sponsorship opportunities to get a whole lot of free catering and decorations for Ian’s welcome home party. His new gig at the behest of the corrupt parole officer played by Rachel Dratch seems like bad news, but maybe he’ll find a way to help people in the process since he’s always been one of the nobler-minded Gallaghers. Veronica’s having some good success in her new business venture, and she just has to be careful not to get ahead of herself. Debs was resourceful in her efforts to deliver the summons, but finding out that she might get some money in exchange for giving up custody of Franny is one hurdle that’s going to send her over the edge.

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