Saturday, December 21, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Morning Show

The Morning Show: Season 1, Episode 7 “Open Waters” (B+)

Sure, things might not actually happen like this in the real world, but this show knows how to present compelling speeches. It feels like Aaron Sorkin could have written a lot of this, though the content is more often personal than political. The MVP of the hour was Karen Pittman as Mia, who didn’t ask for the man who made a crude comment to her to be fired and then wasn’t ready to be blamed for it, resulting in a pretty memorable loudspeaker session in which she warned “dicks beware,” among other things. Chip said about all he could after that, urging everyone to heed what she said and get back to work. Yanko and Claire’s decision to go to HR to come forward with their relationship did not go particularly well, though Yanko didn’t seem nearly as shaken by it as Claire did when she was repeatedly asked if she needed help getting out of it and if she had been taken advantage of when all she wanted to emphasize was that it was completely consensual. We keep seeing Mindy Kaling’s Audra trying to get inside Daniel’s head, and I’m curious what will come of that. Alex talking to her daughter about her divorce did not go over well, and she lashed out in a pretty harsh way at the end when she got tired of the response. I’m worried about how flirtatious Cory and Bradley are being since their working relationship will likely be seriously jeopardized if things turn personal. Bradley seems ready to talk to Mitch, which is sure to be interesting and enlightening.

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