Tuesday, December 17, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Morning Show

The Morning Show: Season 1, Episode 6 “The Pendulum Swings” (B+)

This episode was very different than the one that came before it, more sedated because of the wildfire scenery behind it and disconnected from everything with Mitch aside from that one email that Bradley got at the end about him wanting to talk. The tension between Alex and Bradley got even crazier as Alex lashed out at her for always wanting to find a big, game-changing story when one is not always there, and she was still angry at her after she managed to calm her down a bit following her on-air breakdown related to her divorce. I didn’t even fully realize that Jason and Alex were still technically married since their relationship seems cordial but mostly like a formality, and he came into that conversation ready to not have his feelings diminished by, as he claimed, her consistently larger crises. Bradley’s eagerness to investigate the story about rich people hiring private firefighters seemed like exactly the kind of fight she wasn’t going to win, but Chip is ready for battle, determined not to listen to Fred so that he might be able to help Cory secure his job, which interestingly shouldn’t provide all that much stability. Watching Cory take down a pilot in such a calm and blistering way was really something, and Billy Crudup continues to be one of the strongest performers on this show, and he completely deserves the surprise SAG bid he earned last week. I’d also cite Bel Powley once again, as Claire managed to secure an intriguing new job just as Hannah appears to have caught wind of her relationship with Yanko.

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