Wednesday, December 18, 2019

What I’m Watching: The Crown

The Crown: Season 3, Episode 5 “Coup” (B+)

The talent this show manages to find is continually impressive, with Charles Dance, known for playing a far less compassionate regal figure on “Game of Thrones,” taking over the role of Lord Mountbatten, who in this hour was relieved of his official duties so that the party might be better perceived and then approached by a rebellious faction to lead a coup against the government. It’s interesting how there’s a notion that the queen might be able to side with them against the elected prime minister, with her loyalty seen as above that of political allegiance and more to the needs of her country. That approach evidently didn’t work, as Elizabeth was unhappy with her relative as soon as he stepped into the room and before he had said anything about what he wanted to request of her. She’s come a long way with Wilson, and they now share a mutual respect for each other that means that they can work together and will also look out for each other as appropriate. Elizabeth’s time spent focusing on her horses offered some unexpected insight into the woman who we only recently learned didn’t initially want to go down this royal path. It’s very interesting to learn what she would have wanted out of life and how she views the duties that she must carry out, which she does always tend to with such seriousness and commitment that isn’t always as apparent in her husband and her sister when they present themselves to the public.

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