Thursday, December 19, 2019

What I’m Watching: Shameless

Shameless: Season 10, Episode 6 “Adios Gringos” (B+)

This episode was a real rollercoaster for most of our characters, with the least responsible parent of all time starting to feel nostalgic about his opportunity to spend time with one of his offspring. Liam, the youngest of the clan, was all business and eager to take the $100,000 offered by one potential buyer, but he didn’t see that the loving couple who just wanted to get a chance to spend some time with their potential new child was going to blow town and take the kid with them. It shouldn’t be hard for Frank to get over this loss, though it might propel him to fast-track some similar schemes. On the baby front, Debs had to play ball with what can only be termed a playground opportunist in order to trick Pepa into not wanting to spend time with Franny, and the replacement child wreaked a whole lot of havoc in just a few minutes. Tami wasn’t happy to be abandoned with Lip’s parent group, and it was very sweet that he decided to buy them an RV so that they’ll have some space of their own. He even got her to admit that she still likes him! Ian stood up for what was right and saw what the consequences of that were, and having Mickey back around might make things more complicated since he surely won’t stand for the way that Ian is being manipulated by his parole officer. Kev’s plans to get in on a potential settlement payout were busted by his sheer stupidity, and it seems Veronica could use some of what Liam is on regarding getting back to his black heritage. Some of Carl’s plans to help his new friends fend off the competition didn’t go well, but he managed to impress Anne in the end, who now seems like she’s going to spending a lot of time with him for his own sake rather than out of necessity.

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