Monday, December 23, 2019

What I’m Watching: Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan: Season 7, Episode 6 “Inside Guy” (B-)

You’d think Ray would have been on to the fact that his father hadn’t in fact left the country before being confronted with that possibility by Jim, and that he’d have a bit more sense that to approach Daryll with the attitude, as always, that he’s merely a pawn in Mickey’s latest scheme. Finding Bridget in his room when he brought home Molly was a surprise, and she didn’t seem too fazed by the warning she got from her new boyfriend’s sibling to stay away from the Donovan family and when Bunchy didn’t remember growing up down the street from her. Inviting Ray back to her place because it was less crowded was a humorous misstep, as Jim was there waiting to greet them. Mickey’s murderous path is bad news for everyone, and Ray’s being trailed closely enough by Detective Perry that he’s sure to get at least a few of them implicated. Arresting Smitty seemed like a vindictive move, but Perry was out of options, and choosing the weakest link to scare into confessing was actually quite smart. Bridget getting Adam to drop the charges wasn’t overly convincing, and Smitty’s response that he wanted them reinstated so that she wasn’t doing him any favors wasn’t exactly the biting, vindictive vibe he was going for, and certainly won’t help him at all. Bunchy is going to fall apart now that the kid he shot died, and I sincerely hope Terry didn’t hurt himself or anyone else when he started driving.

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