Tuesday, December 17, 2019

What I’m Watching: Dollface

Dollface: Season 1, Episode 4 “Fun Friend” (B+)

This may have been my favorite episode of this show yet. It’s finding its footing, and reducing the imagined scenes to just a few short and not so terrible bits, which in this episode were the sitcom recreation and Jules being hauled in to the judge to be charged with murdering the buzz in the second degree. What I like most about this show is how it rotates its characters and allows them to interact with each other. Izzy in particular is a loose cannon who is given more depth through her conversations with first Jules, then Stella, and now Madison. Telling Izzy that her personal brand is a disaster was an entertaining start to a worthwhile process of revealing herself that did include, as expected, some unfortunate tangents that weren’t too helpful and may have been completely fabricated based on her last comment. After being told by both Madison and Stella that her only real function is recommending a good podiatrist, Jules tried to be a good friend to Stella by providing her with an amazing night that she wasn’t expecting at all. I liked how the waiter just told her “no” when she asked if they could hear the specials, and though I could have predicted that the boat was not actually the site of a party. Enthusiastically asking Siri for a translation to get the boat turned around was a great moment, and Jules actually managed to succeed in giving Stella a surprising and exciting night that definitely didn’t support her being boring.

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