Thursday, May 7, 2020

Take Three: #blackAF

#blackAF: Season 1, Episode 3 “still...because of slavery” (B)

I didn’t find this episode to be as funny, and I think this is the point where I say that I don’t necessarily need to be watching this show right now. I’d be happy to revisit it at some point or check in to an occasional episode, which should be easy given that each episode doesn’t really depend on what happened in previous installments. Kenya’s enthusiasm about the giant black square painting was pretty typical, and it was entertaining to watch him react to the actual artist explaining it in a way that convinced Joya of its validity right away. The matriarch was busy being set up by Drea to be part of some top-tier footage related to her parenting of her dancing daughter, which got her quite worked up and emotional over the course of the episode. Kenya interrogating his kids about why they stunk and hadn’t showered in days was fun, though I more appreciated their excitement at having put on each other’s clothes after they did finally get clean. Kenya’s “double ask” didn’t work nearly as well as he wanted it to, prompting Joya to share everything with him, and I like that he faked a bloodless nosebleed to get out of the conversation. The best part of the whole episode was the kids starting to realize that they have absolutely no idea how old their parents are, theorizing that Joya might be in her late twenties or her fifties, two ranges that didn’t exactly seem compatible.

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