Friday, May 8, 2020

What I’m Watching: Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist (Season Finale)

Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Season 1, Episode 12 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Dad” (B)

It’s weird to go into a season finale like this without any sense of whether the show will be returning for another iteration, but we should have an answer to that next week when NBC announces its fall schedule. I’ve enjoyed it, even if I would prefer a bit more sophistication in Zoey’s work life and some more realistic lip-syncing since the facial movements of each singer rarely match the power of their sung words. What happened in this hour with Mitch was relatively predictable, but it was still touching to see Howie guide the family through his impending death and to have him do a final dance with Zoey and spin her back to reality. The entire group singing “American Pie” was also nice, especially because it was a slow group number that we really haven’t seen throughout the season. Zoey hasn’t yet chosen between Max and Simon but seems to be in a pretty good place with both of them, and I think they’re also both aware of her feelings for the other. Max calling Simon to tell her about Zoey’s dad was sweet, and he was rather non-threatening when he came back with a hastily-baked lasagna. Joan’s concern about being fired evaporated pretty quickly, but instead she earned herself a trip to Singapore and the reins to a company that’s going to prove harder to control than what she’s used to on the fourth floor. I think this show has room for growth and I would absolutely be on board for another season to see what it can do.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Jane Levy as Zoey

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