Friday, May 15, 2020

What I’m Watching: Killing Eve

Killing Eve: Season 3, Episode 5 “Are You From Pinner” (B)

It was clear from the “previously on” segment that this episode was only going to feature Villanelle on her trip home, and while it was indeed interesting, it felt like an unnecessary hourlong detour now that we’ve past the halfway point of the season. It was also inevitable that it would end with her killing the family members who had abandoned her, and we know that once she gets back to London she’s going to feel closer than ever to Eve. After every resident of the house had no idea who she was and wanted to know who she was, Pyotr and her mother received her considerably more warmly. Playing a murder game felt a little too spot-on, and there were so many scenes where, in any other situation, she would have taken the opportunity to kill any of them. Her mother telling her that she ruined everything and could control her father with her darkness was harsh, and that was all the justification Villanelle needed to start lighting the place on fire. Leaving a note for Bor’ka to direct him to the money and a future seeing Elton John was sweet, and at least she didn’t kill everyone associated with her past. Now, it’s time for her to get back to London and take out some targets who haven’t personally offended her but are just on her hit list. As usual, the music on this show really makes it, evidenced in this episode when Villanelle got to the harvest festival.

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