Thursday, May 21, 2020

What I’m Watching: Supergirl (Season Finale)

Supergirl: Season 5, Episode 19 “Immortal Kombat” (B)

This turned out to be a decent enough stand-in finale, mostly neutralizing the threats of Leviathan and the decimation of the population in Obsidian and refocusing the battle of Supergirl and her team against the ultimate villain: Lex. Brainy played the part Lex always needed him to, bottling up Rama Khan and the other element-benders so that he could exert power over them and sacrificing himself in the process, an act that Nia may be able to sense but which may end up being in vain if he’s never able to communicate the new threat posed to them. We once again got to see actor Jesse Rath’s real-life sister Meaghan Rath playing the female Brainiac-5, who helped coach him through the intense ordeal that may just have killed him. William, on the other hand, was bait for Supergirl to show up and rescue after Hank and M’gann posed as her to enable her to travel with Lena to the lab, and the suit came in handy at just the right moment. Eve also demonstrated her true nature and her mom was saved, and Lena was able to talk Andrea down when she was activated and similarly motivated by a desire to save her parent. Just like she did in the first season finale, Supergirl was able to save the day by appealing to the public with a genuine message, which really is her strength. Lex teaming up with Lillian and preparing for a showdown makes me still want to come back to watch more of this show, even if this season hasn’t been super.

Season grade: B
Season MVP: Nicole Maines as Nia

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