Friday, May 8, 2020

What I’m Watching: Killing Eve

Killing Eve: Season 3, Episode 4 “Still Got It” (B)

It’s tough to watch this show and get attached to characters since so many of them keep dying. Eve was actually doing somewhat better in this hour, and then she showed up to a seemingly frustrated and disappointed Niko only to see him stabbed right in front of her. He has never been a terribly useful character, and there weren’t any real implications to his girlfriend being suffocated to death by Villanelle in a storage locker. It’s troubling that Dasha is the one who killed Nico and possibly Kenny too, since her motivations seem merely to mark Eve as a target she’s sanctioned to take out, and Eve is going to go crazy because she thinks that Villanelle is the one who murdered them. In this episode split into segments by character, the most entertaining was surely Villanelle’s delight at being scared by the woman she was about to kill as a way to get rid of her hiccups. I suppose it’s something that she got to laugh and run around in the last moments of her life. Konstantin going to see Irina was a nice treat also, since he’s quickly becoming this show’s most endearing character after presenting rather gruffly at first. While I’d like to see more of Villanelle and Eve together at the moment, her return home is definitely going to be influential, and hopefully she’ll be back in London at just the right time for them to be on the same page and bring down the Twelve or whatever else they’re in the mood to do.

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