Friday, May 22, 2020

What I’m Watching: The Baker and the Beauty

The Baker and the Beauty: Season 1, Episode 6 “Side Effects” (B)

I can appreciate the casting of a recognizable face, Paul Ben-Victor, as the fake contractor since his presence and assurances made it seem like this bold step was going to work out for Rafael and Mari. They managed to get past the devastation of being conned and enjoy working out some of their aggression out by breaking down the wall themselves, but now they’re faced with a much bigger problem. I feel like this is where Noa could provide an easy solution with some connection she could have to a giant space that’s not currently being used or could easily be rented, but it’s not like she’s going to be eager to do Daniel a favor after he reacted uncertainly to her telling him that she couldn’t have him around as a distraction on her globe-trotting tour to save her company. I recognized actor Grant Bowler from “Lost,” and he’ll be a good fit to play Noa’s father, whose power play against his daughter is in full swing. Vanessa’s interview was consequential most in how the whole family responded to her purported betrayal, with Mateo serving as a major outlier, eager to comfort her and assure her that she had a right to do what she did. An influential musician taking a meeting with him because it might enable him to work with Vanessa was unexpected, and I’m eager for this controversial romance to just get started already. Natalie was ready to come out swinging when she got bullied at school, and the fact that all this led to her being banned from hanging out with Amy is going to really crush her and harm her relationship with her mother.

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