Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Take Three: Upload

Upload: Season 1, Episode 3 “The Funeral” (B+)

I had a feeling when that first download started and was being broadcast to the entire tech-connected universe that something was going to go horribly wrong, and to see it go from his nose bleeding one second to head popping the next was indeed horrifying. We didn’t see any interactions between our budding couple of Nathan and Nora at all in this episode aside from his brief excitement seeing her behind his row of ex-girlfriends from college, and instead saw just how self-involved Ingrid is. She was more concerned with the imprint the goggles left on her face before the funeral than anything else, and the fact that she somehow thought it was acceptable to pay tribute to the failed download and not even mention Nathan was absurd. Telling her that it was the best funeral ever and having her agree was a true sign of her self-involvement. I can only imagine how angry she’ll be when she finds out that Nathan is flirting with Nora, and she came pretty close to deleting him at his own funeral just because she could. I appreciate all the technological references, like the remote screen for New York viewers in a basement chapel to watch that was far less decorated, and the AI not comprehending how to select the squares with cats in them. This funeral concept definitely needs work, namely the montage of random memories mostly involving porn. Luke is definitely obsessive, but he’s a far more generous friend than Derek ever was, especially considering his unapologetic attempts to pick Ingrid up at the funeral itself. I also enjoyed learning that Fran is not an investigator but Nathan’s cousin, who is helping Nathan’s mom to sue and might, hopefully, be able to take over Nathan’s upload file someday.

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