Monday, May 25, 2020

What I’m Watching: Upload

Upload: Season 1, Episode 4 “Sex Suit” (B+)

I’m glad that we’re learning more about what (after)life in Upload is like for everyone, not just those who have everything paid for either by their own fortunes or someone else. David happily sponsoring expensive clubs for Nathan just so that he could teach him golf and taunt Arnold Palmer was one end of the spectrum, while the 2GB free plan where people freeze, have their extremities disappeared, read only the first five pages of a book, and have to choose from a limited Lean Cuisine menu is definitely more on the depressing side. Nathan might be able to achieve more if he too wasn’t on a plan paid for by someone else, and maybe Nora will be able to help him with that. Telling her that he thought of Ingrid as a sister he didn’t really like wasn’t a great sign, and the interview went predictably poorly when she ignored him as usual to show the host the sex tape that she had edited by a contact of her father’s, which is weird enough in itself. When she showed up and told him that she was wearing a sex suit and nothing else, it was pretty hilarious to see that it essentially looks just like a scuba suit, which isn’t particularly romantic. Shouting over and over for tech support while their sex wasn’t working was also unpleasant, and Nora took her time to tune in. “Testing for responsiveness” by touching him was relatively salacious, and she did manage to fix the problem for them. She definitely managed to exert the energy she needed to when she got matched with Henry again, and I enjoyed his clueless comment that her response to the pleasure sounded much more real than it normally does for him with other girls. Giving him four stars as payback after ensuring that he gave her five was a great move. Nathan pretending to be asleep when they woke up in the morning showed that he’s not feeling warm towards Ingrid, but he’s going to be quite surprised when Fran clues him in to the fact that she did something suspicious to his car right before he died.

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