Saturday, May 23, 2020

What I’m Watching: Legends of Tomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow: Season 5, Episode 13 “I Am Legends” (B-)

This season has been all about the clever titles, though I’m never too excited about the presence of zombies even if I do love the film “I Am Legend.” Atropos and Lachesis being aboard the ship with Astra with only Gary there to stop them wasn’t a promising start, and Gideon presenting herself in human form to him only helped so much. Astra’s allegiances wavered a lot over the course of this hour, and she’s one of several casualties who may or may not be brought back to life when all this is corrected. The ending of the episode featuring Charlie getting the rings from Gary only to willingly give them to her sisters was a surprise, and I suspect that she’s up to something so that she can get them where she wants them, though she doesn’t really have much time left. However silly and unserious this show often is, it doesn’t play too lightly with the timeline, and therefore I’m sure whatever is eventually done to set things right won’t be without its own consequences. I’m certainly not shipping the Zari-Constantine romance that has now officially begun, and I imagine Nate’s going to be disappointed when he eventually finds out about it. Trying to light up in front of a giant anti-smoking sign on the bus was pretty ridiculous, and even with all of their period costumes, he was still wearing his loose tie and the same shirt as always. I like that Mick’s past experience with prison, and not his resolve not to be locked up again because of the promise he made to his daughter, was precisely what helped them get out of a tricky situation here.

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