Sunday, May 31, 2020

What I’m Watching: Upload

Upload: Season 1, Episode 5 “The Grey Market” (B+)

I’m still very much enjoying the combination of comedy, technological innovation, and mystery that this show offers. Dylan being upset that his parents won’t update his avatar so that he can look older was a great impetus for the trio of Dylan, Luke, and Nathan heading off into the grey area through the hedges in search of hacks to get him – and Luke – what they wanted. Nathan bonded with him right away after being impressed by his legendary fatal fall into the Grand Canyon, and he probably could have watched out for him when Nora had to go visit her father had Luke not been involved. The best takeaway from the underground market that looked like a crazy sex club was the store for celebrity memories, including Penelope Cruz taking a shower, from her perspective. Dylan’s power-up tattoo did work, though he probably should have asked the right questions to make sure that it would turn him into what he wanted rather than a young adult woman. I like how Nora described Nathan to her father, and the way that Nathan acted while Nora was reprogramming him seemed to make up for his lack of judgment earlier in the episode. Allegra bringing her own therapist to the session where they already had the dog therapist was a sign that she isn’t interested in hearing anyone else’s opinion, though we don’t yet know any more about her apparent involvement in Nathan’s death. Fran, however, doesn’t seem to be long for the living world after her car launched itself into the water, and we can only hope that her frequent confirmation calls will mean someone will look into the suspicious circumstances of her demise.

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