Sunday, May 17, 2020

What I’m Watching: Council of Dads

Council of Dads: Season 1, Episode 4 “The Sixth Stage” (B)

This show can’t be serious all the time, and therefore it’s fun to have storylines like Robin feeling like a horny teenager and having fantasies about the many men she sees, including her very gay work husband Oliver. I knew as soon as David Walton jogged by that he was going to be a bigger player, and it’s good to see the “About a Boy,” “Bent,” and “New Girl” star as Sam, who Robin finally worked up the courage to introduce herself to at the end of the episode. Finding a departing doctor who was more than willing to kiss her was a smart idea, and he turned out to be a great for her, compassionate and understanding because of his similar experiences. Theo getting approached by two of his sister’s friends turned into something else than he expected, but there may still be a romantic possibility for him. Everyone on this show could use some grief support, though Theo also got an awkward sex talk he didn’t want after confiding in Anthony about his prospects. Larry telling Anthony that he was stepping too close to the line didn’t go over well, but it did inspire him to accept an offer to go back to Margot’s place that might create complications for him at work. We didn’t get to see Larry’s daughter or granddaughter this time, but his relationship with JJ has now had a negative effect on a member of his new family. Evan and Luly’s new purchase is a real gamble, and hopefully they can make it work and prove their unimpressed would-be loaners wrong.

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