Saturday, May 16, 2020

What I’m Watching: Insecure

Insecure: Season 4, Episode 5 “Lowkey Movin’ On” (B+)

Well, the block party came and went, and it was actually a success in a lot of ways even if it was relatively, for lack of a better word, lowkey. All of white people there who thought it was a farmer’s market did affect the vibe, but Issa still got to have her moment – just a moment – when she was called up to give a big speech only to have the crowd immediately interrupt her by chanting Vince’s name. Nathan was a great ally for Issa, showing up to support her after helping her out earlier, but we didn’t get the full picture of what his help meant until the end of the episode. Molly was the one who extended an olive branch by bringing Issa food during the event, and it wasn’t Issa’s fault that Vince finally showed up right as they were about to have a therapeutic moment. It did make Molly learning from Andrew that Nathan had called him much worse, and what Andrew thought would be a nice thing to do for his girlfriend’s best friend might now end up jeopardizing their relationship. Issa wasn’t apologetic when Molly confronted her about going behind he back when she refused to ask Andrew, and now it looks like Issa is the one in the wrong, even though we’re past the moment where their friendship appeared to be over for good. Kelli and Tiffany are never featured so prominently, but I did enjoy Kelli faking a British accent to keep up appearances with a man who was so stupid that he thought the two branches of the American government were presidential and banks.

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