Tuesday, May 26, 2020

What I’m Watching: Billions

Billions: Season 5, Episode 4 “Opportunity Zone” (B-)

Watching this show and its totally over-the-top nature, I’m starting to really look at the longevity of the plotlines and where they’re headed, which doesn’t seem to be any focused area. I immediately recognized Harry Lennix from “Dollhouse” but forgot that he had already appeared as Kate’s father, which puts him in an interesting position aligning with Axe. It makes sense that Chuck went directly to Mike to ask for his help in trapping Axe, but Mike seems far more committed to keeping his dark passenger in check than Chuck does. The most formidable player right now is actually Wendy, who managed to get Axe’s star painter working again after he was determined to stall because of the pressures he was facing and then swooped in to intimidate the executive who didn’t have the patience to talk to anyone but Axe when Taylor first went to go meet with him. Wendy definitely has a promising future, and she would do well to consider if Axe is really her best partner, especially because he made it rather clear that he’s happy Chuck is out of the way so that they can get closer, a dangerous line they probably shouldn’t cross. On the guest star front, we have Julianna Margulies’ big return to television after brief spots on “Dietland” and “The Hot Zone” following her career-making “The Good Wife” turn. I’m not sure what to make of Catherine Brant, who seems more like a romantic interest for Chuck than a political ally, and I feel like he’d do better to find the latter. Wags’ religious son didn’t waste much time in trying to convert him, and the idea of him creating a new child to do it right this time isn’t good news for anyone.

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