Friday, May 15, 2020

What I’m Watching: Supergirl

Supergirl: Season 5, Episode 18 “The Missing Link” (B)

This felt like the kind of episode that comes before a season finale, which is what it has ended up being even though it wasn’t originally conceived that way thanks to production being cancelled in light of coronavirus. I think it’s ultimately a good thing for the show that we’re headed to the big finish sooner, since this storyline seems ready to be wrapped, with season six hopefully headed in a brave new direction that will revitalize the energy of this show. What this episode did most crucially was to show Lena that, after she worked so hard to perfect her well-meaning formula to destroy evil impulses, that was never possible, and Lex was always working against her. Going to Kara to apologize and make peace was an important step, and now they can work together to try to stop him and his Leviathan allies. Nia let Brainy have it for shutting them out of the Rama Khan interrogation and then allowing him to escape, and he’s going to have to decide when Lex is just using him and no longer necessary for the original purpose that convinced him to trust him. Kara’s expression that of course cats love William was funny, and his apparent abduction isn’t good news for anyone. Andrea is going to regret not trusting Kelly, though I imagine it will be too late for her to save face since the damage is done. It made sense that we saw Sean Astin again, this time as the real Pete, since appearing only as Malefic didn’t seem like a fitting use of the affable actor.

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