Monday, May 11, 2020

What I’m Watching: Brockmire (Series Finale)

Brockmire: Season 4, Episode 8 “The Long Offseason”

I’m not sure what I could have expected from the end of this show, but I’ll say that this was pretty satisfying. I’ve never cared all that much about baseball, similar to Charles, though I would say it’s probably my favorite sport to watch if I really had to pick one (I prefer movies and TV). Therefore, the focus on the main characters was fun, and I like that we didn’t get a completely definitive end but instead one that showed Brockmire sitting next to the people most important to him crying as he thought about what might or might not come in the future. Charles didn’t seem all that invested in the pitches he was hearing and making, and his career trajectory was certainly not what I would have expected for him. Fortunately, Limon – the algorithm that apparently speaks through the CEO of the company – overpaid by a lot to immediately acquire his company, because it wants to prevent the evil Chinese Limon from winning and make itself the portal everyone has to travel through to experience existence. That dystopian notion doesn’t seem quite so frightening when explained to Brockmire and Jules, who couldn’t quite process that and were more than happy to sit and do the Sunday crossword in bed with Limon’s assistance, and the fact that one of the things on Limon’s priority list was saving baseball made them more into the idea. Jules and Beth were joking that having Parkinson’s meant Brockmire would finally stop talking, but he hasn’t actually been doing all that much of that, relatively speaking, this season. This show opted to go a different direction, showing a wild vision of a dystopian future that isn’t so far from where we are now in some ways. I’ve enjoyed it, and will fondly remember some of this show’s more memorable moments and recurring players.

Series finale: B+
Series grade: B+
Season MVP: Hank Azaria as Brockmire and Reina Hardesty as Beth
Season grade: B+
Series MVP: Hank Azaria
Best Season: Season 3
Best Episode: Placed on Waivers

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