Wednesday, May 13, 2020

What I’m Watching: High Fidelity

High Fidelity: Season 1, Episode 4 “Good Luck and Goodbye” (B+)

Coming back to this show after a two-month break, I appreciated this episode and the way it started to delve into some of the supporting characters. Rob running into Simon in life at a different coffee shop he was going to just so that he could flirt with the barista inspired him to explain that he never left their relationship, and that they act as if they’re still together despite his being gay. That conversation being far more therapeutic than Rob expected prompted her to forge ahead with her plan to confront the rest of her exes, which was met with moderate to minimal success. Justin was easy because he was casual and apparently not a heartbreak for Rob, who actually ended that relationship. Despite this show taking place in the present, Rob isn’t there, and as a result she had no idea what being verified on Instagram met, or that her ex Kat was pretty damn famous. Inviting her to what she thought was a private meeting but turned out to be a giant promotional event found Rob around people she heats wearing a very warm coat, reminded of all the things she didn’t like about Kat. Being told that she’s obsessive and too in touch with her feelings did not sit well with her, but Simon and Cherise didn’t exactly disagree with that analysis. Confronting Mac and begging him to tell her that he hadn’t proposed yet wasn’t her greatest moment, and inviting viewers to tune in for what might happen “next week on the sad lady show” was a fair assessment. Rob and Simon were both shocked that Cherise was actually helping, and I’m eager to see that band she wants to create get off the ground someday.

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